Scheme Profile
Scheme:   Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) :  Agriculture

Scheme Description

Scheme Title (English): Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)   (1101010023)
Scheme Title (Marathi): राष्टीय कृषी विकास योजना (रा.कृ.वि.यो)
Scheme Level: State Plan Plan Type: General
Sector Name: Agriculture and Allied Activities Sub Sector Name: Crop Husbandry
Is Scheme Centrally Sponsored: Y Four digits Central Scheme Code and Name: 9145     
Type of Receipt of Funding: Distribution Central Account Head:
Is scheme applicable for 20 point programme: N Is Flagship programme: Y
Scheme Description (English): 100% Centrally Sponsored Rashtriya Krish Vikas Yojana is being implemented with a main objective to improve growth rate of Agriculture and Allied Sector upto 4%.
Scheme Description (Marathi): राष्ट्रीय कृषी विकास योजना १००% केंद्र पुरस्कृत असून कृषी व संलग्न क्षेत्राचा विकास दर ४% पर्यंत वाढविण्याच्या प्रमुख उद्दिष्टाने योजना राबविण्यात येत आहे.


Implementing Agency: PSU ,Government Duration of Scheme: 2007-N/A
Coverage Area:     
Alternate Focus Area Animal Husbandry 

Nature of Scheme

Infrastructure Development / Grant-in-aid for Infrastructure Development
Beneficiary Oriented
  Type of Beneficiary ( Life Cycle )     Type of Beneficiary ( Special )  
  Type of Beneficiary ( Caste )    Income Status  
 Area Applicable    Age Group  
 Type of Beneficiary ( Employment )    Gender  
 Type of Benefit Provided  


CRC Code CRC Description Source of Funding Objects
99999999  2401 Crop Husbandry, 800 Other Expenditure (00) (08) Financial Assistance under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana  Centrally Assisted 
    . Subsidies ( 33 )
2401A225    State Resources 
    . Subsidies ( 33 )
24018235    Centrally Sponsored-Budget 
    . Subsidies ( 33 )
Share Holding Pattern in %
Central Share State Share Other Share
  60   40   0
Is funding reimbursement based?                No

Targets & Objects

Object Name Target description Unit 1
Subsidies ( 33 ) Assistance to   Projects  Number 


Impact Parameters Class I (> 70% Expenditure) Class II (30-70% Expenditure) < 30% Expenditure (No Impact)
Education   Y  
Health   Y  
Income Generation Y    
Women and Child      
Women     Y

Government Resolution

GR Number GR Type GR Date Upload/View GR File
cr-102 Release of Fund 01/01/2010 rkvy.pdf
cr-102 Release of Fund 01/01/2010 rkvy.pdf
cr-102 Release of Fund 01/01/2010 rkvy.pdf
cr-102 Release of Fund 01/01/2010 rkvy.pdf
RKV-2013 CN-88 RKVY Release of Fund 20/02/2014 RKVY4.pdf
RKV-0614 CN-35 RKVY Release of Fund 07/07/2014 RKVY1.pdf
RKV-0614 CN-35 RKVY Release of Fund 19/07/2014 RKVY2.pdf
RKV-0614 CN-35 RKVY Release of Fund 19/11/2014 RKVY3.pdf

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