Scheme Profile
Scheme:   Pramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana :  Agriculture

Scheme Description

Scheme Title (English): Pramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana   (1101010274)
Scheme Title (Marathi): परंपरागत कृषि विकास योजना
Scheme Level: State Plan Plan Type: General
Sector Name: Agriculture and Allied Activities Sub Sector Name: Crop Husbandry
Is Scheme Centrally Sponsored: Y Four digits Central Scheme Code and Name: 9422     
Type of Receipt of Funding: Central Account Head: 3601067964304
Is scheme applicable for 20 point programme: N Is Flagship programme: N
Scheme Description (English): Krishi Unnati Yojana - Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana
Scheme Description (Marathi): कृषी उन्नती योजना - परंपरागत कृषी विकास योजना


Implementing Agency: Government Duration of Scheme: 2015-N/A
Coverage Area: Entire State Excluding Mumbai and Suburban    
Alternate Focus Area Crop Husbandry 

Nature of Scheme

Beneficiary Oriented
  Type of Beneficiary ( Life Cycle )     Type of Beneficiary ( Special )  
  Type of Beneficiary ( Caste )    Income Status  
 Area Applicable    Age Group  
 Type of Beneficiary ( Employment )    Gender  
 Type of Benefit Provided  


CRC Code CRC Description Source of Funding Objects
2401A056    Centrally Sponsored-Budget 
    . Subsidies ( 33 )
2401A065    State Resources 
    . Subsidies ( 33 )
Share Holding Pattern in %
Central Share State Share Other Share
  60   40   0
Is funding reimbursement based?                No

Targets & Objects

Object Name Target description Unit 1
Subsidies ( 33 )   Select  Select 
Subsidies ( 33 ) Benefits to   Farmers  Number 


Impact Parameters Class I (> 70% Expenditure) Class II (30-70% Expenditure) < 30% Expenditure (No Impact)
Education     Y
Health     Y
Income Generation Y    
Women and Child      

Government Resolution

GR Number GR Type GR Date Upload/View GR File
SSA 1217 CR 210 17A Adm. Approval 24/01/2017 Paramparagat krishi vikas yojna AAP.pdf

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